The Documentation Department

Materials of a documentary nature have been gradually compiled and collected at the Archaeological Museum of Istria since the fifties of the last century. Throughout this whole period the progress and results of the excavations were recorded, objects and processing procedures for the materials, as well as the condition of monuments and monumental complexes were documented, in order to be able to use this data in subsequent comparable processes in different treatment forms for archaeological materials.

At present, these documentation holdings illustrate some of the complex activities this Museum is engaged in. They are protected as a cultural asset and subject to the rules and regulations covering the protection of cultural property.

The Statute of the Archaeological Museum of Istria was adopted in 2009, on the basis of which the Documentation Department was established together with the associated holdings of secondary museum documentation.

Secondary documentation comprises the holdings that are physically stored in this department: photo archives (site dossiers), photo negatives, slide archives, plans and documentation drawings, media archives. Records are also kept of some of the different museum activities: publishing, exhibition organization, pedagogical work, as well as conservation and restoration procedures; alongside this there is also a newspaper archive.

The creation of digital holdings related to field reports is likewise planned, and the same goes for Museum posters and archive documents covering the establishment of the Museum and its history.

In addition to the various holdings and collections, the Documentation Department also boasts a Drawing-Documentation Workshop. Within the framework of this workshop, documentarists-draftsmen work on the drawn field documentation and draw museum materials.

The documentation holdings began to be digitalized at the Museum starting in 2006, which greatly facilitates their distribution to the users.

The rich secondary documentation of the Museum is used primarily by experts from the institution be it for professional and scientific processing of certain topics, or for the presentation or preparation of texts for publication.

The secondary documentation holdings are also available to external users.


Katarina Zenzerović, Documentalist and Senior Curator, Head of the Department
Irena Buršić, Documentalist
Ivo Juričić, Museum Technician, Draftsman
Davorka Žufić Lujić, Museum Technician


Information, consultations and questions:

Katarina Zenzerović – Head of the Department
Tel. no.: 052/352-233

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