The Conservation-Restoration Department

The Conservation-Restoration Department (the former Restoration-Preparation Workshop) of the Archaeological Museum of Istria was established in the second half of the 20th century and was from the very beginning located in the basement of the building housing the Museum.

The employees of this department process the archaeological material from its arrival to the building until such time as it is taken over by a curator. They are engaged with the primary and secondary treatment of materials. The primary treatment consists mainly of washing, drying, inspecting and packing, while the secondary encompasses the conservation and restoration of archaeological objects. For the most part these treatments consist of processing pottery, glass, metals, stone, bone and amber, but the employees also frequently undertake field trips in order to work on mosaics, wall plaster and frescoes.

The employees of the department also monitor the state of the exhibits, be it that they are located in the building proper or in one of the separate exhibition sites. They also engage in the restoration and conservation of archaeological objects from museums whose parent institution is the Archaeological Museum of Istria.


Đeni Gobić-Bravar, Senior Restorer, Head of the Department
Andrea Sardoz, Senior Restorer of pottery, glass and metals
Monika Petrović, Senior Restorer of pottery, glass and metals
Zoran Grbin, Preparator

On the basis of a previous request it is possible to visit the Conservation-Restoration Department of the Archaeological Museum of Istria, provided that the groups do not exceed 15 visitors at a time.


Information, consultations and questions:

Đeni Gobić-Bravar, Senior Restorer and Head of the Department
tel: 052/351-310
e-mail: gobic-bravar(at)

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