The Modern Age Collection

Archaeological explorations, whether on land or under the sea, often result in the discovery of Modern Age finds that are evidence of a particular period of time and life in it. These materials enable us to better comprehend a certain historical period, from them we are in a position to piece together the many details tied to economic and political life, the tastes of the people of a certain period, and the contacts and links they maintained with the rest of the world. At the same time they represent an irrefutable proof of the continuity of life in this region.

The Modern Age collection of the Archaeological Museum of Istria includes pottery, objects made of glass, metals, bone and stone, of either worldly or religious character (pottery –  tableware, kitchenware, baking hoods, toys; glassware; metals – coins, devotionalia, eating utensils; stone – architectonic elements, sculpture, border marks; bone – cosmetic utensils). All of these finds had been discovered in the course of archaeological excavations on the territory of the Istrian Peninsula. Only a small part represents casual finds that were donated to the Museum. The objects that make up this collection are kept in the Archaeological Museum of Istria and in the monastery of St. Francis at Pula.

From the rich holdings we can single out the glazed tableware that originates from workshop centers in Northern Italy and Spain, two sculptures from the Annunciation group that pertain to the Pietro Lombardo school, a Venetian sculpture of St. John the Baptist, and devotional medallions from numerous European pilgrimage destinations (Loreto, Padova, Maria Zell, Trsat, Bistrica…).


Information, consultations and questions:

Dr. Sc. Tatjana Bradara – Senior Curator, Head of the Modern Age Collection
Tel. no.: 052/351-307

e-mail: tatjana.bradara(at)

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