Projects of the Archaeological Museum of Istria

List of projects

The Southern Early Christian Cemeterial Basilica from the 4th – 5th Century

Alongside the preserved, famous cultural-historical monuments of Pula, some of the valuable historical features of the city have almost fallen into oblivion with the passage of time.

Historic, religious structures provide evidence for the tradition of ancient and Christian foundations, as part of the identity of the city and affiliation to European and Mediterranean civilization.

The Archaeological Museum of Istria at Pula is gradually marking with occasional didactic panels the forgotten, ravaged and nowadays unrecognizable churches as archaeological sites in the old core of the city and its outskirts.

Basilica of St. Mary of Formosa - Conceptual Design of the Archaeological Park
Confines and Boundaries: Marks of Frontiers and Borders in Istria from the Middle Ages to the Present Period
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